Top Rated Bitcoin Casinos Of The Month

See the list below for the top rated bitcoin casinos of the moment;

  1. Bitcoin PenguinFull Review Here – 4.6/5.0
  2. SatoshiBetFull Review Here – 3.1/5.0
  3. BC CasinoFull Review Here - 3.0/5.0

(Vera&JohnFull Review Here – 3.8/5.0 ) *Vera&John no longer accepts bitcoin, but they’ve said they are working on it.


How does the rating system work?

Our team here at reviews each bitcoin casino individually, giving it a rating on each key feature; trust, quality, customer support, bonuses and community feedback. We then combine the ratings into the final score.

To elaborate, this is how we define the ratings;

Trust: We consider things like the quality and reputation of the software provider, inclusion/lack of provably fair games, the reputation of the casino operator, possible licenses, community feedback on things like payout and how the casino deals with them, and of course our own experiences. Then, we give the casino a trust grade from 1 to 5.

Quality: We rate the quality of the website and the software of the bitcoin casino. Some of the earliest casinos were clearly coded overnight, with buggy games and have broken english all over their website. The quality of bitcoin casinos is slowly increasing as serious players are beginning to enter the market. Again, we rate the quality with a rating from 1 to 5.

Customer Support: Simple, many casinos don’t have customer support at all, or it takes them forever to answer emails, only to send you a rude response.

bitcoin casino dicePromotions / Bonuses: If you’ve ever played in a FIAT money online casino, you know how bonuses can’t be taken at face value just by looking at a percentage. Sometimes, a 50% deposit bonus can beat a 200% bonus if you read the fine print. However, at this moment, many bitcoin casinos simply don’t offer any bonuses, and the ones that do are almost certainly not provably fair. The reason for this may be the fact that bitcoin casinos thrive on anonymity, and if you’re anonymous, you could just keep exploiting a traditional deposit bonus by constantly making new accounts. It will be interesting to see what solution the providers come up with to fix this problem; many are not giving out first time deposit bonuses at all, but instead reward their loyal customers with a loyalty program of some sort.

Community Feedback / Reputation: As the final factor, we listen to your emails, as well as do our due diligence by scraping all relevant blogs and forums to gain a sense of the overall feedback a casino is getting. Then, again, a rating of 1-5 is issued.

You can read individual reviews of specific casinos by searching for them on our website. In the future, we plan to have reviews of all of the most well known bitcoin casinos out there, but this is still a work in progress.


Other things to consider

Depending on your location, for example if you’re in the US, you should make sure the casino you’re thinking of depositing in accepts players from your jurisdiction. Although most bitcoin casinos do, casinos that are actually hosted in the US usually do not. I wouldn’t play in a US-hosted casino at all, as such casino has a high risk of getting shut down eventually. The most recent example is SealsWithClubs – a site that might have been the most popular bitcoin poker house, but as the owner was an American living in the US, they got shut down, even if their servers were abroad. So in short, stay away from USA hosted casinos.

Anonymity may or may not be important to you personally, but it is good to note that casinos that let you play anonymously also will not stall your withdrawal requests with “ID proof” and such laughable tricks often seen on dishonest real money sites. Registration is much easier when no ID verification of any kind is required, as it also saves you the small risk of getting your identity stolen by some low-level employee, or a hacker.

Some casinos will let you deposit multiple currencies, some only bitcoins. As an example, dogecoin-accepting casinos have been on the rise ever since dogecoins birth, even though the boom seems to be slowing down looking at the price. If you have some altcoins that you no longer want, why not have some fun with them at a casino instead of just selling them away at a loss?


  1. Thanks for the clear explanation of your rating system. I have a question – do you have any plans or intention of focusing on alt coin gambling sites too at some point?

    • Seems so – it’s a shame. Hopefully they can figure out how to accept bitcoins again soon in the future, as it’s one of the top casinos still.

  2. I use to play a lot at Bitzino. I have hit them in the past for 200btc with small deposits. However I have noticed that playing BJ the dealer’s first card is 7+ running 8 out of 10 times. And when the card is 6 or less you will find the second card is 5 or less 7 out of 10 times. I’m wonder if they tagged my ip address or if that is possible, but would be interested in your review.


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