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BC Casino has some room for improvement, but overall it's an ok choice for someone looking to spend an evening gambling with bitcoin. It's not a blatant scam, but the games aren't provably fair, which is a big minus.

The selection of games is big and the deposits and withdrawals are fast. Customer supports is friendly and up to par in comparison to other casinos. The 20% deposit bonus is probably their best quality.

BC Casino was at the top of the pack in 2011 when they launched, but it's struggling to keep up with some of its new competitors. Some will like it, some will not.

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BC Casino is one of the earliest serious bitcoin-only casinos launched, dating back to 2011. That was a time when a single bitcoin was still only worth less than $10 a piece, so the owners clearly foresaw the potential of bitcoin gambling pretty early. However, the bitcoin gambling industry has grown fast, and BC Casino has struggled to keep up. Read our full BC Casino review below to know what exactly we’re talking about;

BC Casino Trust Rating : 2

At a quick glance, it seems that BC Casino is running Playtech’s software, and many assume they are. However, if you look below the surface, things don’t seem right. Just setting up a Playtech casino costs a quite big amount of money, but the BC Casino website has blatant spelling and grammar errors all over their website, which are obvious even to people who speak english as their second language. Surely, it wouldn’t take a high budget casino 2+ years to fix these simple errors? Also, there’s actually no mention of Playtech on their site.

And sure enough, if you do a quick search, you’ll find links like these;

After reading these, it seems that there’s no real connection to Playtech at all.

However, we do not claim that BC Casino is a fraud. We have tested the casino ourselves, and they did pay out very quickly. But the whole dispute with Playtech can’t be ignored.

And to add fuel to the fire, their games also are not provably fair. One must draw their own conclusions whether or not they choose to trust this casino.

But don’t stop reading yet…


Quality Rating : 3.8

You have to admit that BC Casino does look good, Playtech or not. This is definitely their strong suit, coupled with the fact that they really do have a wide selection of games, over 100. Most of these are slots. When you consider that some competing casinos only have 1 to 5 games, this is definitely a big plus. The games also look and work just fine.

However, you can’t ignore the grammar mistakes, which make the whole website seem a bit unprofessional.


Customer Support Grade : 3

The customer support of BC Casino is pretty similar to most bitcoin gambling sites we’ve dealt with. Email support, with 2-12 hour response time, but the service is of good quality.


Promotions Grade : 3

BC Casino offers everyone a 20% deposit bonus. This is not a first-time only bonus, but it’s granted every time. Obviously, you can’t just make infinite bitcoins by depositing and instantly withdrawing them, but the bonus amount is deducted when you choose to withdraw your winnings, and the minimum deposit for the bonus is .1 BTC.

Taken at face value, this would appear to be a great offer. However, one does have to consider that BC Casino’s games are not provably fair. We’re not suggesting anything, but if you were skeptical, you could think that these things are somehow connected. A casino that isn’t provably fair is able to offer their players a 20% bonus on every deposit, and they still make a profit. It does seem a bit fishy, doesn’t it?

However, we must again stress that we’re just being objective here, BC Casino does not appear to be a blatant scam nor a fraud, and a 20% bonus is good if their games are in fact fair. It is up to you to decide your own opinion. We just felt obligated to point this red flag out, since most other review sites say nothing about this in their articles (which have clearly been written by freelancer writers who simply just glanced at the casino site before squeezing out 400 words in order to collect their paycheck!)

If BC Casino ever makes their games provably fair, their promotion rating would jump to 4.


Reputation Grade : 3

This grade is based on community feedback, and is decided by doing a simple Google search and then researching other people’s stories about the casino. We have tried to ignore review sites that are there just to make money, and simply focused on reviews by people who seemed to be real.

BC Casino’s reputation seems to be surprisingly good, considering the aforementioned Playtech-confusion and the lack of provably fair system. This, coupled with our own experiences has led us to believe that BC Casino is in fact a legit casino and not a scam.

There are bad reports here and there, but that is to be expected of almost every single known brand.



If BC Casino would fix their trust issues, introduce a provably fair system and fine-tune their site by fixing the spelling and grammar errors, they would be a very high quality casino. Fast deposits and withdrawals, anonymous registration and a wide selection of beautiful games make up for some of the concerns. But is it enough? You decide.

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Hopefully you found this review useful, thanks for reading! Please comment below and don’t forget to rate the casino yourself!


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