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Ritz Grand Casino is a fun gambling site with a decent selection of high quality games and even a deposit bonus - but is it trustworthy? There are varying opinions around the web. However, the casino is not Provably Fair, so please take that into consideration before depositing. Again, it could mean that they cheat, or just that they don't have this technology yet, the point is that there's no way to be sure.

If you can get over the issue of unprovable games, keep reading. If not, please check our homepage for our toplist of the best provably fair bitcoin casinos!


Trust Grade : 1.5

The casino is not a blatant ripoff, they do pay. However, the software is not provably fair, even though the casino claims it is. They have again confused provable results from provable fairness, perhaps intentionally, which is a red flag. It either means that the casino is looking to cheat, or that the operator is not completely educated on the meaning of “provably fair”. It is pretty complicated, but make your own judgements…


Quality Grade : 2.5

Despite the truth grade, the casino is fun to play in, although we only deposited a small amount. Speaking of depositing, you can’t decide exactly how much to deposit, which is a minus. The deposit also took way longer than it should to show up on our account, compared to other high profile bitcoin casinos. We didn’t win anything, but reports on forums say that withdrawals can also take up to 48 hours. You can’t ignore these faults either.

But we have started with the negatives, the fact is that the games at Ritz Grand Casino are really fun and entertaining, and they work flawlessly. The registration process is also quick, as it should.

The casino also gets positive points for their nice selection of games!


Customer Support : 3.5

Standard email contact form support that is friendly, but Ritz Grand Casino has also recently added live support. They are not always online, but this is a nice addition most competitors don’t have.


Promotions Grade : 2.5

The casino has a decent bonus, 220 free credits upon first deposit. However, as we review more and more bitcoin casinos, the trend is pretty clear: Casinos that are not truly provably fair also tend to give out bonuses. So the playing field is not even.

And to add to that, the terms for the bonus aren’t the greatest either.

The bonus would be nice, but currently it seems to be more of a marketing ploy just to lure in customers – but the hook is made of rust, since the bonus doesn’t deliver.


Reputation Grade : 2

Some review sites rate the casino fairly highly, and there aren’t that many complaints around. But the casino doesn’t seem to have the best rep in the circles of experienced bitcoin gamblers. And the high rating could also be explained by the fact that they have an affiliate program, therefore all reviews can’t be taken at face value. Especially overly positive reviews. Search on Google to see what I mean.



The provably fair issue has to be fixed to rate this casino any higher. It pretty much ruins the reputation of an otherwise nice online casino.

If you haven’t let the issue bother you and trust the word of Ritz Grand, you can visit them here.

Otherwise, I suggest you look for alternatives on our rankings -page here.


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