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Satoshi36 is a very simple, transparent bitcoin lottery site. It is by no means a high budget project, but the lottery works fine and appears to be fair.

If you're looking to bet some bitcoin in a fair, simple roulette game, Satoshi36 is an ok choice. But if you're looking for an amazing online casino with a professional design, customer support and numerous games, you might want to look elsewhere.


Trust Rating : 4.5

The lottery, which is the only game at Satoshi36, appears to be fair. All transactions are transparent and visible on the blockchain.

We did find that some people have had some issues with getting paid, but most issues would appear to have been solved promptly.

That said, Satoshi36 is a relatively unknown lottery site with a small budget, so we decided on a 4.5 trust rating. Mainly because you never know how long these smaller websites last and what happens when they get into trouble.


Quality & Feature Grade Of Satoshi36 : 2.5

As said, there is only 1 game, which is an extremely simple lottery. Deposits are almost instant, but cashouts can sometimes take way longer than you would be used to in other bitcoin casinos. There is no chat system, unlike in some of the directly competing sites. The website design is average, but very clear, which we liked. There aren’t that many features, which can be seen either as a plus or a minus.


Customer Support Grade : 2

Currently, the only way to reach the Satoshi36 team is through their bitcointalk forum thread or their twitter account. To their credit, their support is of good quality on the forums. There is no email support, although they do mention their plans to add a feedback form in the future.


Promotions : N/A

Like many of the competing sites of this style, there doesn’t appear to be any promotions at Satoshi36.


Reputation Grade : 3

Satoshi36 has no scam reports, but they barely have a reputation at all, as this is a relatively unknown betting site. In short; it’s a legit casino, if you can tolerate the semi-professionalism.


Final Score : 2.6

Satoshi36 is an extremely basic casino that works – but there is only 1 game, almost no support, and cashouts can sometimes take too long. Their reported house edge is also relatively high, 2%. Should you play there? Depends on what you want from a casino. You can visit the Satoshi36 casino here.


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